Maximizing Impact: How to Integrate Business TV and Digital Signage Solutions

Have you upgraded to digital signage displays? Are you eager to get even more value from these modern marketing tools? Business TV services can enhance your new digital displays and signage to keep customers attentive, comfortable, and even happier with your business’s offerings and atmosphere.

When you work with Mohawk Networks, you’ll be overjoyed to see your digital signage become more than just simple display screens. They will be media players usable for various events and purposes. We have allowed businesses throughout the Akwesasne and Northern New York area to enjoy faster internet, upgraded phone lines, and business TV packages. Call today and see how these services can attract customer attention and develop your business!

How to Integrate Digital Signage Software with Business TV

Two primary methods of integrating your digital content and signage with business TV services are side-by-side and overlays.

Side-by-Side integration

This first method is straightforward and often best for bars and other businesses focused on the television screen. Simply stagger or alternate dedicated television screens with digital signage. This method allows your customers to see the entire image of the latest game or other event while giving your menu or event signage the spotlight it needs. This integration can be a bit pricier since the plan is to use multiple screens. However, this method can be a helpful way of combining old and new hardware when you install equipment.

Overlayed integration

This strategy is a bit more involved, but integrating digital signage with business TV is often built-in with your digital signage software. Using your software to create a picture-in-picture overlay lets you put promotions directly over the live television screens. These displays are more useful when you have a sizable screen to utilize or prioritize the signage space more. Note: you might need more technical know-how to get the total value of signage and TV together.

Depending on your TV package, you might lean towards one format or the other. A sports package can provide your waiting rooms or bar with in-demand content. At the same time, a news-focused package might be valuable for break rooms, shopping malls, or other public spaces.

What to Do with Business TV and Digital Signage

Now that you’ve done the trickier work of integrating your digital signage with retail and business TV services, you can get to use it for a wide variety of unique purposes.

Leverage Events with Timely Promotions

During big games and viewing events, you can advertise discounts on drinks and food to ensure your customers come to your establishment. Hospitality-focused businesses can pay attention to big entertainment venues and leverage events to connect with visitors. Digital signage content can provide richly engaging content to help you sell more during high-focus moments.

Keep your game-day sales and discounts visible to customers. Advertise holiday sales and big-ticket items. The most significant benefit of digital signage is that it is easy to swap out your images and information reasonably quickly, with clear pictures of the relevant items, food, or drinks.

Drive Sales With Limited-Time Discounts

A digital sign promoting fresh produce in front of fruits and vegetables in a grocery store.

Displaying your generous deals or limited-time offers on TV screens will encourage immediate purchases and sales. Even a simple graphic can induce an impulse buy from in-store customers. When you have to make multiple changes to pricing, digital signage can provide fast and easy access to examples of what items are on sale.

This sale format can help your sales by leveraging the fear of missing out, pushing viewers of your video or digital sign over the edge, and making a purchase.

Daily News and Updates For Regulars

Locations like cafes, colleges, or office breakrooms can use digital signage alongside 24/7 news channels to provide a more thoughtful and engaging atmosphere. When your regulars roll into the coffee shop, they often already reach for the newspaper or pop open their laptops and connect to the Wi-Fi. When they spend so much time on-site, you can help provide a unique experience to their stay.

When customers come in to spend their time, non-intrusive news and updates can help build engagement, build your reputation, and keep bringing attention to your digital signage.

Engage With Your Community

A modern waiting room with a number of small screens hanging from the ceiling

Including local events in your advertising stream is an excellent way to engage with the local community and further integrate yourself into people’s daily lives. Community centers like cafes, bars, corner stores, restaurants, and laundromats are frequent users of bulletin boards.

Keep your eye out for public information about local events and digital fliers from groups you support or are close to. This engagement is good for the community as you help keep everyone involved and suitable for your business network.

Live TV for Attention and Promotion

Digital and electronic signage with business TV means you can develop watch parties and themed events or build on other moments of excitement – as long as you have the licensing rights to do so. Live events can be valuable for business promotional offers.

Build off the latest awards show with themed drinks, or customize your office’s waiting room digital signage installation with thematic material. Digital signage software allows you to update information on the fly and remain engaging.

Make the Most of Your Digital Signage with Mohawk Networks!

When you have expensive digital signage, you want to get your money’s worth out of it. This advanced technology opens up hundreds of opportunities, but knowing which steps to take can be overwhelming. Utilizing digital signage is a creative endeavor that requires you to see the personality and interests of your regulars and local community.

With the right internet service provider, a combination of business television and Wi-Fi services can keep customers coming in more often and for longer than ever! If you are a business in the Akwesasne and Northern New York area, we want to help you see this success. Call today and enhance your digital signage options!

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