Coordinating in a Digital World: Finding the Perfect Business Internet Provider

How often does your internet speed suddenly drop during a workday? Or are your Zoom calls pixelated messes? You might need to find a new business internet provider to solve these issues. However, finding the right internet service provider can give you faster upload speeds, download speeds, and a more reliable internet connection.

Moreover, your business internet provider will often tailor its packages and offerings to small businesses to develop stronger, longer-lasting working relationships. Call us today to learn more about what our business internet can do for you in the Akwesasne and Northern New York area!

Prioritize Internet Speeds

Internet speed should always be your first concern when choosing a provider. Slow internet will prevent your business from communicating efficiently, restrict your ability to access valuable marketing or business tools, and cause problems.

You must carefully consider your employees’ internet usage and adjust your expectations accordingly. How many Zoom calls do you have at once? Are you often streaming video or moving large amounts of data? If you answer yes to these questions, then you will want higher speeds. Discuss with your provider, but a rough estimate would be:

  • 10-15 users will need at least 100 Megabits per second (Mbps)
  • 15-30 users should be happy with 300+ Mbps
  • 30-50+ users is a scale that will want gigabit – 1000+ Mbps – internet speed.

Ensure Security is Tight

Cyber attacks are among the most common dangers in small business internet services. Business internet providers should explain their security protection offerings fully. Constant monitoring and threat elimination should be prioritized for business continuity.

The danger presented by high-speed internet may vary, but these concerns are always fair. Business internet providers need to be just as careful as your IT department. A good internet provider will help you know how to reduce downtime and possible threats.

Pay Attention to Customer Service

You don’t want to deal with robotic voices or unhelpful agents when you call your provider. You want to know that your business will receive solutions to your issues ASAP. This need is why customer service should be something you ask about before taking steps toward working with an internet service provider.

When upload speeds have crashed, or you’re experiencing spotty connections, you need to know you’ll have help when needed. Does your fiber internet provider offer a 24/7 support baseline, or does it paywall this critical feature? Get your answers before committing to any internet plans!

Look for Business Add-ons

Business internet providers often work with small business internet service clients to offer additional benefits. Small and mid-sized businesses usually enjoy additional add-ons like email accounts or digital storage options. While being catered to isn’t a standard for internet service providers, this kind of service level agreement can be a sign of a top-tier internet service provider.

It’s always good to start your relationship with your internet providers by working closely together and chatting about your business needs and interests. When you work with a good internet provider, they will incorporate these concerns and interests into your plan.

Ask for Bundle Options

A man is using a laptop with a number of small icons over his keyboard, including a shopping cart, storefront, percent sign, and other business symbols.

Are you paying too much for phone, TV, and other services? These digital services are often run by the same companies that offer internet and can be bundled for lower prices. Telecommunications businesses often run multiple lines for business internet clients, and you might find great value in this type of bundle.

If you run a sports bar or need business news running in the office, you can have this for lowered prices if you bundle! And if you want to have phone lines available for client calls, your business internet provider often offers VoIP and other phone options. Ask about these opportunities.

Think About Customer and Guest Wi-Fi

Do you often have clients checking their phones while waiting for service? When clients visit or customers are on-site, they will also want to have their internet connection to pass the time, check their banking information, or contact important people. That’s why good internet speed here is so important. Nobody wants a big sale or deal slowed down by lousy download speeds.

Get a guest Wi-Fi channel set up when your new business internet provider establishes your connection. This network is valuable for clients and customers but also benefits security. By having a guest network available, you will be more able to protect your business network and keep unwanted visitors out.

Leave Room for Future Growth Options

How often do you examine your business’s 5-year plan? Have you experienced a lot of growth in the past year? If you think you’ll continue to grow and expand your operation, then it’s worth examining your business internet providers and looking for opportunities to grow.

Ask your provider what they offer to grow businesses and opportunities to expand your plan. As you begin to deal with large files and more clients and employees, gaining higher internet speeds will be very important to your continued growth and development.

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