Boosting Productivity: How High-Speed Business Internet Impacts Your Bottom Line

“You cut out. Can you repeat that?” How many times a day do you have to deal with the embarrassment and frustration of repeating yourself? How much time do you lose while you wait for a video or program to load? A high-speed internet connection isn’t just a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity – and you could be left behind by competition and partners alike if you don’t keep up.

Your business won’t just fall behind if you don’t keep up; you could get ahead with the right internet service. There are dozens of ways high-speed business internet service can give you the tools to redefine your business. Call today if you want to hear how we can help you stay connected and agile!

How Fast is High-Speed Internet?

The internet service speed you need will depend on what you are using it for, and actual speeds vary, but a good goal is 100 Mbps download speed and at least 20 Mbps on a speed test. But what does that mean? Megabits per second (Mbps) is a standard internet speed measurement for the amount of data your connection hand moves in a second. This measurement is used for both internet speed and bandwidth.

Think about it like water- a lazy river might move hundreds of gallons per second, but it is still ‘slow.’ But a fire hose can move the same amount of water in a few seconds because it has so much ‘speed.’ The river is like a high-bandwidth connection with slow speed – so many people can use the internet connection without any slowdown. This can be better for business internet than the fire-hose, which will have faster speeds for individual use but slow down dramatically when divided among several users.

How can I Incorporate High-Speed Internet Into My Business?

High-speed internet will provide you with fast download speeds and upload speeds. This means you’ll be able to use the internet in new and unique ways. How you incorporate it into your business goals and processes will depend on your business, but some of the most common ways to use high-speed internet for businesses are:

  • Investing  in social media marketing
  • Switching to VoIP phone systems
  • Using cloud-based data solutions
  • Integrating e-commerce systems

Being more connected and having more data at your fingertips can open up your business internet options. When you’re ready to begin working with a high-capacity network that can serve your business, call us for professional installation.

What are the Benefits of High-Speed Business Internet for Me?

A high-speed internet service can make the difference between a floundering business and a leader in the industry. There are obvious benefits and some subtler ones. With a business internet plan that prioritizes your success, you’ll have all of these benefits:

Improved Communication

Remote work is more popular than ever, and ensuring that your team remains connected is more important than ever. Making use of video conferencing and connected devices requires a low-latency network. Business internet providers know just how important this is to your work and make reliable connectivity a priority for your plan.

Faster File and Information Sharing

Whether you work with high-quality videos or simple documents, having high-speed business internet is critical. When your team needs to move large files and work together on projects, they need to know they won’t have slow internet that will disconnect if they try to add their input.

A diverse team discusses a business topic at a computer

Reach More Customers

With the internet, you’ll have even more opportunities to gain and engage with your customers. This leads to expansion and increased sales. Even small, niche businesses can expand well beyond their local environment, thanks to the clever use of high-speed business internet plans.

Happier Customer Service Experiences

Dropped calls and poor audio quality are the last things customers want when they contact you. Even a happy customer might be disappointed by a missed connection, and angry customers can always be angrier. Investing in high-speed internet will provide your voice calls with more stability and more reliable internet.

Access to Cheaper and More Effective Tools

Traditional mail, phone, and face-to-face meetings are costly for various reasons. They are slower and more work-intensive. This is what leads to many businesses investing in

When you are ready to enjoy improved business agility, contact us!

How Will a Slow Internet Service Hurt My Business?

We can tell you every way that a high-speed business internet connection will improve your work experience, but you might not feel you need to change plans. We warn you against committing to business internet services that will leave you with lower download speeds and unreliable connections.

Poor Customer Service Experience

Low upload speed means your voice and video conferencing capabilities are limited to poor-quality calls. This can lead to unhappier customer service experiences, poor client interactions, and business loss.

Damaged Data Integrity

Poor download speeds can lead to corrupt data if the download is interrupted. Recovering this information or re-downloading the data can be costly or time-consuming. Additionally, data caps and other limits that might be placed on lower-quality internet plans with fewer features can lead to the use of outdated or poorly maintained data.

Poorer Security Practices

Slow internet service can lead to poor security practices. When your main internet connection is slow or unresponsive, your employees might turn to other methods – connecting to unsecured wi-fi networks or devices. This might be a short-term win if they enjoy a faster workday, but this exposes them to cyberattacks and security breaches that can be expensive and damaging.

Lead the Pack With a Faster Internet Speed!

Without a high-speed business internet service, you risk not only falling behind your competitors but also failing your customers. A business internet service with a dedicated connection to the internet highway will save your business from the pitfalls of a neglected infrastructure. Work with a trusted and professional internet service in the Akwesasne area to improve your outcomes.

So, give your business the tools to move forward with more confidence and power than ever before. A small business internet service will give your business agility and capabilities that you’ve only dreamed of – call us today, and we’ll help you reach your finish line and set you up for the next race!

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