Three Reasons Your Business Needs Professionally Installed Wi-Fi

As a business owner or commercial property owner, you probably invest a lot of time and effort into making it a profitable and enjoyable experience. Many factors play into the success of a business, but your Wi-Fi connection doesn’t have to be one of them! 

A safe and reliable internet service is an absolute must for a thriving business. Did you know that 96 percent of customers will choose to patronize a business that offers free Wi-Fi? Providing a separate network for guests or visitors can help keep your confidential business information protected, while also giving customers the wireless access they’re wanting while visiting your location.

Whether you’re a small coffee shop offering it as an incentive, a manufacturing company relying on your Wi-Fi to get things done, or an e-commerce business dependent on a strong signal to get orders out the door, having your commercial Wi-Fi installation done by the pros can help keep you connected! 

Reason 1: Safety and Security

Virtual threats are everywhere. Did you know that in 2019, more than 1.76 billion records were leaked in one month alone? It’s not just big corporations that fall victim either. Alarmingly, 43 percent of cyber-attacks are targeted at smaller businesses.

Most businesses keep some kind of confidential information or transaction records through online means. As technologies advance, so do the ways your network can be compromised. Keeping yourself protected with a safe and secure connection that the professionals have installed can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches, in the long run.

Reason 2: Connectivity and Reliability

Having a network capable of handling internet service for multiple devices is the new norm. Think about it— now we have businesses and customers with various connected devices (such as computers/laptops, tablets, phones, and smartwatches). A network equipped to handle a heavy volume of devices will help keep you from running into internet connectivity problems.

At Mowhawk Networks, we install multiple access points connecting to bridge dead spots. Frequently, customers find themselves looking for a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection while out and about. Regardless of your industry, having access for your business, and your customers, can be important part of their customer satisfaction. This includes spots caused by high-density environments like concrete blocks, bricks, microwaves, and more. Our professionals are equipped with the skills and experience to make sure that regardless of your location in a building, you’re getting the connectivity you need!

Reason 3: Maintenance and Satisfaction

Not all Wi-Fi is created equally, and network services aren’t “one size fits all.” Another advantage of professionally installed commercial Wi-Fi is knowing that your network services will be tailored to your specific needs for your business or industry. We also provide outstanding service by conducting a site survey prior to installation. This allows us to survey your location to plan and design your optimal wireless network.

Mohawk Networks offers unparalleled internet, video, and voice services to the Northern New York region and beyond. We take exceptional pride in our service and providing the best customer experience possible. We offer changes, upgrades, support, and networking services to keep our clients up to date.

Reason 4: Saves Time

The famous aphorism “time is money” came from an essay by Benjamin Franklin in the 1740s. Even though that was over 280 years ago, the sentiment is still relevant. Installing your own commercial Wi-Fi can be tricky, and a DIY job may not be the best alternative, especially if it means you’re losing out on sales or business. Having the professionals tackle the install job can ensure you’re up and running promptly, and they can immediately resolve unforeseen complications or hurdles. Having your network installation done by well-trained people can save you headaches, hassle, and money in the long run!

There are many advantages and reasons to have your commercial Wi-Fi installation done by Mohawk Networks! If you’re looking to save time and hassle, and offer a strong, reliable, and secure network, we are here to help. Please contact us today to discuss your commercial Wi-Fi options or to get a quote.

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