VOIP Phone Service Your Business Can Rely On

What if you could easily manage calls and voicemails with the click of a mouse? And address your customers’ needs from anywhere? These are just a few things you can accomplish with VOIP phone service from Mohawk Networks.

Voice Solutions

A modem and a router—both of which are already part of your network.

Software downloaded onto any device.

Grow Your Business Without Major Equipment Expense

That’s all you’ll need before we set up your business’s VoIP phone system.

There’s no series of analog phones to buy; no wiring or cabling. You’ll no longer have a telephone bill—just savings with your new Voice Over Internet Protocol business phone system.

Sound simple? It is. Let’s discuss how quickly we can get your business started with VoIP!

VoIP Phone System Features and Benefits

Will you have to give up the features you rely on when you ditch all the phones and wires? Not at all. In fact, we think you’ll be surprised at all the advanced features available with VoIP phone service:


When callers know the extension or name of the party they wish to reach, there’s no need for a receptionist.

Caller ID

Screen robocalls, telemarketers—whoever it is—and always know who’s calling before you pick up.


Place phone calls on hold until you can get to them—just like you would with an analog phone.

Toll-Free Numbers

Business phone numbers are important, and VoIP allows you to choose one or more 800 numbers for your business.

On-Hold Music

Is the line dead? Did they hang up on me? Avoid these questions from callers with music while they wait. Plus, build your brand with custom on-hold programming.


Callers can automatically be placed in line, so you don’t have to answer every call as it comes in (or risk losing callers because you cannot pick up).

Call Flipping

Seamlessly switch calls from your computer to your mobile device—or vice versa—without dropping calls.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Make remote work and client meetings as simple as can be with video conferencing facilitated by VoIP solutions.

Screen Sharing

What would video conferencing be without the ability to screen share? VoIP has you covered there, too.

CRM Integration

Analyze interactions between your employees and customers to enhance your customer service efforts.


There’s no longer a need for all phone calls to come in through your central hub. Phone calls can be made and received from multiple locations.


Calls can be recorded and played back for training or to monitor employees’ interactions with callers.


While calls are being monitored in real-time, trainees can receive instruction in their ear from their manager.


If a manager needs to intervene in a call to change its direction or offer more information, they can do so with call barging.


You can turn on transcription services to have written records of phone calls.


You can also save audio recordings of VOIP calls.

Speed Dialing

Never search for the phone numbers of the people you contact most frequently.


Be sure to never miss a call by forwarding all calls to a mobile device or computer at another location.

Digital Faxing

Cut down on paper waste and never buy another fax machine with faxes delivered to your inbox.


Data gathered about phone calls (geography, duration, needs, conversions) can help to enhance sales and service department performance.

Live Chat

With VoIP, you can enact a chat feature that allows people to interact with your staff online without having to call in.

These are just a taste of the advanced features you can expect from VoIP phone service for your business. Let’s talk about how specific VoIP features can benefit your business and which ones will be invaluable to your operations.

Enterprise-Level Features from Local, Friendly Technicians

You want the most cost-efficient, advanced phone system for your business. But you also want friendly service that’s fast, local, and reliable.

Look no further than the team at Mohawk Networks. Our employees are all hired from local communities and trained to install and service the latest digital technologies.

It’s the best of both worlds—in a VoIP phone service you can rely on.

Never Miss a Call with a VoIP Phone System

What will happen if there’s a fire at your office? If the electricity goes out? Or your receptionist has to take a sick day? With VoIP phone service, you can answer calls from anywhere, meaning you’ll never have to miss an important call.

Plus, you won’t tie up your own line when you use a personal mobile device with our VoIP app installed. And you can even use Mohawk Networks’ VOIP phone system with your existing landline!

Have questions? Wondering if VoIP phone service is the best choice for your business? Let’s talk!

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