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Why Real Choice TV

We’re listening to our customers. When we first brought video services to our customers in 2015, the best option at that time was Pure HD. Today it serves 300 homes and brings our culture and language programming by Akwesasne TV into your home. There are pro’s, including the fact that you can use your own traditional TV remote, and local channels are available, as well as movie channels at no additional cost. But, our service has been limited, and we understand the lack of an interactive guide is frustrating for some customers.

We’re bringing you a new option, designed to meet current demand for streaming – Real Choice offers local channels, including ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox, plus we have premium movie packages available.

Features You Can Enjoy
  • LOCAL Channels with NO Antenna!
  • You get to keep your local channels including ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX and select sports affiliate. 
  • DVR with Catch-up: Go back 24 hours on any channel to pull up programming you missed. 
  • Picture Quality: Unlike other streaming services, RealChoice delivers content on a private connection so they can control the quality. 

Other Perks To Enjoy
  • America’s top-ranked channels including premium channel add-ons (HBO/Showtime/Starz/Encore/Cinemax)
  • Watch with Roku TV and Android TV
  • Year-round 24×7 customer support
  • Includes 3 devices/rooms with ability to add more
  • No expensive equipment to install
  • No contracts

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Premium Packages

HBO$20.00 HBONot Available
Cinemax$11.00 CinemaxNot Available
Starz$11.00 StarzIncluded
Encore$6.00 EncoreIncluded
Showtime$12.00 ShowtimeIncluded

Additional Items

Add'l Screen$6.00 Add'l Set Top Box$6.99
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* Receive an upgrade to 100 mbps at no additional charge when subscribed to RealChoiceTV.  Not available with subscription to the DishTV package ($64)
** Only available to customer subscribed to a RealChoice TV channel package**
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