Your Company’s Reputation Relies on Your Business WiFi Solutions

Customers and guests will enter your building looking for WiFi access—and the quality of that access will help to shape their overall satisfaction. Your team will also need high-quality business WiFi solutions to keep operations running smoothly.

So many aspects of customer satisfaction rely on your wireless network. How will you ensure that it’s the best it can be?

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Business WiFi IS a Competitive Advantage

If you’re striving for greater employee retention, business WiFi with reliable access can help you achieve that. Operations will be more streamlined, with less hassle. Moreover, 96% of customers will choose to patronize a business if it has free WiFi (compared to one that doesn’t) (Beambox).

Security as a Crucial Part of Business WiFi

When customers or guests and employees have access to separate Wi Fi networks, you can rest assured that only authorized personnel can view sensitive or protected data.

You won’t need additional equipment to create secure solutions with separate networks. Plus, as an added layer of protection, you can opt for wireless networking security and encryption protocols.

Seamless Access to Keep Business Moving

When there are no WiFi dead zones in all locations, your small business can run seamlessly, without complications or costly delays. We install multiple access points that all connect to bridge any dead spots—including those caused by high-density environments like concrete blocks, brick, microwaves, and more.

Our wireless solution professionals will ensure that wireless access points are built as mesh networks—instead of using wireless extenders, which can sometimes reduce internet speeds. This method ensures that no matter where in the building you log in, you know you’re connecting to the best router.

Complete Service for Public Access WiFi

When you have a public-access WiFi plan with Mohawk Networks, we provide changes, upgrades, support, networking… complete service.

An Entire System—no Retrofitting

We do not build our business WiFi solutions in a retrofit manner. We’ll only install a complete system tailored to your business needs and the facility where it’s housed.

Service for All Types of Devices

In any office, on any given day, you can expect that company-issued and personal PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones will access the internet in your facility at all locations. This level of usage makes a reliable, capable WiFi network especially important.

A Wireless Office is an Organized One

A tangle of wires under desks is a scene from the past, and if your business is still operating that way, you know how frustrating and disorganized it can feel.

When your entire facility “goes wireless” with Mohawk Networks, anyone can access the internet from anywhere on your property with any device. This convenience streamlines processes and frees up valuable space.

Other Business Services by Mohawk Networks

You can count on us to supply all the latest business technologies in the following areas:

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Structured Cabling

VOIP (Internet Phone Service)

Television (Internet TV)

Security/Video Surveillance

Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your unique business needs and how we can help you achieve your goals with enterprise WiFi, tailored business WiFi solutions, and more.

Business WiFi Solutions that Meet All Your Needs

If you’re concerned about consistent coverage throughout your facility, if you’re worried about guests accessing your company data, or if customer and employee experiences keep you awake at night, your worries are over.

Business WiFi solutions can mean the difference between struggle and success for RV parks, banks, restaurants, hotels, and more in Akwesasne and surrounding areas. End your search for “WiFi companies near me” and head toward success with business WiFi solutions by Mohawk Networks.

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