Fiber Optic Vs. Cable

Experiencing slow speeds with your current cable internet service provider?

Mohawk Networks offers a new and innovative internet service, which increase internet speed while remaining within your budget. Cable networks are often shared among hundreds of households which slows down your speed. Although companies often advertise high speeds at low prices, they usually fail to tell you that these speeds are not accurate during peak usage times, due to the shared cable. You may hear your cable companies state they are “up-to speed”, yet this is rare during certain hours of the day. A variety of cable companies offer packages that are limited to 6-30 Mbps with upload speeds of 1-3 Mbps which will make streaming your favorite HD videos inconvenient and sometimes impossible. For the customers that want to get the higher speeds to reach their needs, it will cost them, often labeled “premium pricing”, because additional cable lines to run in order to meet the increasing reliance on the internet for streaming, gaming and shopping.

There are several reasons why fiber optic internet service is better than cable, but for the sake of keeping it short, we will only name a few of the big ones. Fiber optic networks are FASTER because the information obtained is sent at light speeds and future proof because speeds are limitless. Since this network is not shared between hundreds of households by a cable, internet speeds are much more effective in sending and receiving information. Fiber optics also lasts for decades and upgrading your speeds is much more convenient because no additional fiber needs to be added. There are no hidden fees and your premiums will not break the budget in order to increase your internet speed. With fiber optic technology, speeds are sent farther and faster than cable networks.

Mohawk Networks beats the competition and in a number of different ways. We use true fiber to the home network and fiber to business services. We were specifically developed to help increase speed of broadband in upstate New York. The packages we offer are between the speeds of 15-100 Mbps, which is almost double the speed of local cable companies. Being part of a rural community, internet service is not always guaranteed. Mohawk Networks strives to offer fiber broadband services to all members of the community, no matter their geological location.

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