COVID 19 Communication

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On behalf of the entire Mohawk Networks team, I’m sharing our Business Resiliency Plan of operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priority is the health and safety of our employees our customers, and our community. Delivering broadband to homes and businesses is an essential, critical service to the homes and businesses we serve. During

Seven Dancers Phone System

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Mohawk Network’s crew setup Seven Dancer Coalition with brand new wiring, updated phones,  programmed with 4 new features to make their office more efficient.” New wiring : Re-wired the cabling for every office Wall plates with phone and data drops were installed and labeled correctly back to the data closet.  Correct labeling allows for quicker

Why Mohawk Network Chooses Fiber

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Why we choose fiber:Future proof the community as technology advances, the reliance on high speed broadband increases.  Meeting the demand for speed increases is essential to encourage economic development and access to education.Encourages Economic DevelopmentCommunication is the primary uses of the internet for businesses. Email allows businesses to communicate documents and other relevant information quickly

Fiber Optic Vs. Cable

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Experiencing slow speeds with your current cable internet service provider? Mohawk Networks offers a new and innovative internet service, which increase internet speed while remaining within your budget. Cable networks are often shared among hundreds of households which slows down your speed. Although companies often advertise high speeds at low prices, they usually fail