What are your “Line of Sight” Requirements?

With satellite internet, there can be no obstructions (e.g. trees)  between dish and satellite.  I read in past articles that line of sight is required for a good NCBB signal, however is that line of sight requirement similar to that typically associated with cellular reception, rather than satellite reception?   In other words, with the terrestrial NCBB service, trees and hills don’t necessarily block the signal depending on the proximity to the nearest tower?

The line of sight is similar to that of cellular service. And like cell service, there is a limit to the amount of tress that the signal can pass through and still stay a high-quality signal. However, there is no set number we can use to determine this. That is why every potential customer is surveyed prior to confirming we can install. We do have several options for installation to allow us to get as high as we need to get a quality signal such as short masts, telescoping poles and even can offer self-supporting towers up to 70 feet (of course these are quite costly). So, we exhaust all efforts to attempt to service the location.

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