Do Weather Conditions Affect Your Internet/Transmissions?

As you are likely well-aware, Lewis County is in the heart of the Lake Ontario snow belt, with intense bands that often cause white-outs with satellite television reception, but less so with cellular reception. Thunderstorms with high cloud tops are also a show-stopper for satellite internet connections until they move out of the pathway of transmission.  Although high cloud tops may not impede a NCBB signal considering the terrestrial pathway, would heavy rain affect transmission?

Our transmissions are similar to satellite and cellular service, in that weather between the tower and your receiver will have some effect the service. However, we have tight guidelines for install to mitigate that as best we can. There will be service interruptions during extreme weather. One advantage to your area is that we will be utilizing the 900Mhz band which is the same type of signal used by Cellular and Military, so you will be less interruption compared to the higher frequency bands used in other areas.

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